How Luhan hands the water bottle to Sehun ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Yixing at the Peace & Love & Friendship Concert

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try to remember what you did with your free time before tumblr


#kids today #acting like fandom started in tumblr #let me tell you the tales of yahoo mailing lists and bb codes and message boards #let me tell you of power hungry moderators and bnfs#let me tell you of the domain of frank the goat before there was a rich text editor #this is the song of my people

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i really don’t understand how people make fun of kpop have you seen these fuckers dance

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  • friend: what do you even do on tumblr?
  • me: stuff
  • friend: what, like reblog pics and that's it?
  • me: you don't understand.